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Our Vision

For Larmenier School to be a Catholic Community reflecting the motto “Christ is our Model” by Living, Loving and Learning.

Vision Statement

For Larmenier Catholic Primary School to live out its motto, Christ is our model, by being a living, loving and learning community.

Mission statement

Larmenier is a Catholic primary school founded in the tradition of Victoire Larmenier. At its core are the values of love, compassion, patience, respect, justice and hospitality. In a quality learning environment equity and justice ensure the provision of an education for the whole person.

We firmly believe that Christ is our model in all aspects of our spiritual, personal and learning relationships. We aim to deepen our faith through knowledge, action and prayer, and we aim to develop resilient and responsible learners.

Larmenier draws its students from across and beyond Launceston and is under the pastoral care of the Kings Meadows Catholic Parish.


We are a Living, Loving and Learning Community.




Larmenier School bears witness to the ideals of the Church as a community committed to the Catholic Faith – a community centred on the Eucharist in which Christian principles are encouraged and practiced. The focus of our school is the provision of an education for all children that will guide their spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development.

Our school, which has taken as its motto “Christ is our Model”, creates an atmosphere where each student can come to know Christ as a real person. The school supplements the primary faith educators – the parents – in the children’s knowledge and appreciation of faith. Positive interaction between the school and parents is considered essential.

Our school community is required to practice the values of Victoire Larmenier, our Founder, love, compassion, patience, respect, justice and hospitality and to be aware that they are all members of God’s family and should treat each other as such. Teachers will ensure that all children, irrespective of family situation, cultural background, gender, class or disability will have access to quality learning programs. The school endeavours to secure environment within which children may develop to their full potential.

All teachers are concerned with the formation of personalities sensitive to demands of justice, tolerance and love in the home, school and society.

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