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There’s more to to the saying’Music makes the world go round’ than you might think. Music makes learning easier, improves behaviour, helps memory, helps in exercise and co-ordination, relaxation, improves sleep. Music is magic in many ways! We have known about the association between music and child brain development for some time. so it’s a great idea to encourage our kids to take an interest in music from an early age, either through creating music by playing an instrument, listening to music or both. Whether or not your child shows an natural aptitude for music is less important. What matters is that they get exposed to music in it’s various forms. All students have general music lessons once a week with Miss Rice.

Choral  Program

Under the leadership of Ms Judy Rice Larmenier continues its successful provision of choirs and choral groups. 


Our students are often invited to do cameo performances in local musical productions, community events and functions.

Instrumental   Program

The St Patrick College Instrumental program operates within the school enabling interested students to be active participants in music programs outside of regular class music. Students may elect to learn brass, string or percussion instruments and then further opportunities exist for Grade 6 students to join the St Patrick’s Band during the forth term. 

 All students attend and perform at school Soirées in terms two,  three and four. Combined Catholic primary school workshops are held thoughout the year in preparation for the Catholic Schools Annual Music Concert Evening at which Larmenier showcases its band and instrumental groups and the children perform in the combined schools groups and orchestra under the guidance of Ms Fiona Mowat.


Clarinets & Trumpets 



For more details:  St Patricks College Faculty of Music

More information can be found on the St Patrick's college web site on the Cultural Co-Curricular tab.  Enrolments can be done on 





Tennis lessons are available through Carswell Coaching

For more information phone Matthew on: 0417 390 261


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