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School Focus

ACTION Maths enriches the teaching and learning of our students by focusing on the deep learning and understanding of Mathematical concepts. In our second year of this program we are encouraging a level of teaching and understanding in which children’s flexibility and application of mathematical concepts is broad and multifaceted.

SWPBS: School Wide Positive Behaviour Support: This is a whole school process, teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. SWPBS recognizes and rewards student behaviour in a positive and uplifting manner across the school.

Early years literacy support: Children in the early years are given 1-1 support in the development of reading through this targeted program which meets each child at their own level. The learning of sight words and comprehension are the focus of the early stages.

Farm program allows students to experience first hand the care of animals both as pets and as farm animals. The curriculum is enhanced through activities that are related to class lessons and practical activities.

Vegetable gardens provide practical hands on activities that allow for the exploration of horticulture and selling of produce within the school community. This project is environmentally friendly with emphasis on sustainability.

Other Programs

  • Brain Gym and Perceptual Motor programs in infant classes
  • 10 day Swimming program for P-6
  • Music Program administered by St Patrick’s College
  • Daily PE
  • Weekly Digital Technology classes
  • Weekly library sessions
  • Fortnightly class music 
  • Fortnightly Performing Arts classes
  • Fortnightly Visual Arts Classes
lizard writing
ladybird counting



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