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Student Support

Prior to enrolment parents should consult the school about their intention to enrol. Students with additional needs are welcome at Larmenier School, but being prepared for students with additional needs is essential for the smooth transition to schooling.

If a student is identified with additional needs after enrolment, the class teacher and/or the school’s Special Learning Needs Coordinator meet with parents to begin an assessment process. If a specific need is identified a individual education program (IEP) will be constructed and implemented.

These are reviewed twice a year. Additional support may be provided if applicable.

SWPBS: School Wide Positive Behaviour Support: This is a whole school process, teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. SWPBS recognizes and rewards student behaviour in a positive and uplifting manner across the school.

 Our school, along with ALL Tasmanian Catholic Primary Schools, is a PBS school. In 2011 our school, with input from staff, parents and students created the 5 core principles that we believe. 

Be Respectful

Be a Friend

Believe in Yourself

Be Safe

Be a Learner

 We explicitly teach, discuss and focus on these to assist children understanding of the appropriate ways to behave and interact with other members of our community. 

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