Our Vision and Mission

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Larmenier Catholic Primary School reflects the motto, Christ is our model, in a living, loving and learning community. 


Larmenier Catholic Primary School provides a quality learning environment, grounded in equity and justice, ensuring the provision of education for the whole person.


Our values are based in the traditions of the Sisters of Nazareth, founded by Victoire Larmenier.


"Let your love for each other be real and from the heart." (1 Peter 1:22)

Love motivated the care provided to the old and the young by Victoire Larmenier.

Unselfish concern for the good of others is shown through patience, kindness, trust, hope, endurance, truth and a strong affection.


'Be compassionate as your heavenly Father is compassionate.' (Luke 6:36)

Victoire Larmenier showed compassion by seeking to relieve the suffering of those with whom she came in contact.

Being open and attentive to the whole person, spiritually, physically and emotionally, we show empathy for the suffering of others and try to relieve that suffering.


'Blessed are the gentle for they shall possess the earth.' (Matt 5:5)

Victoire Larmenier was an example of patience to all who knew her. She encountered and overcame amazing difficulties.

In all circumstances we persevere calmly with understanding and endurance.


Victoire Larmenier showed consideration, appreciation and regard for the rights, values and beliefs of all.

The unique dignity of each person is held in high esteem and with special consideration. Without exception, we show thoughtfulness, courtesy and care.


'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice for they shall be satisfied.' (Matt 5:6)

Victoire Larmenier was fair and impartial with everyone, even when people or issues were difficult of challenging.

We uphold what is fair and decent, respecting the rights of others in a balanced and fair manner.


'I was a stranger and you welcomed me.' (Matt 25:37)

Victoire Larmenier welcomed everyone in a spirit of friendship and acceptance. We welcome and receive all into a warm, friendly and open atmosphere.