Celebrating our new ‘Outdoor Classroom’ facilities at Larmenier

This year the Australian Federal Government provided us with a grant of $17,954 to spend on developing the facilities in our POOL (Place of outdoor learning) area.

The grant enabled us to build an outdoor covered workspace with different height benches, seating and storage areas that can be used to run whole class lessons outdoors. This is particularly valuable on ‘Farm Days’ and wet weather days, and provides children with the facilities for real-life, hands-on learning experiences.

Our ‘Farm Days’ focus on lessons in food production, sustainability, land management and animal management. The outdoor classroom grant helps to make these lessons more comfortable and meaningful for students 

In addition, our outdoor ‘Maker Space’ and technology workshop has been upgraded to include materials that allow for large-scale STEM projects and give children the chance to safely use equipment to build and test their design projects.

In line with the original vision for Larmenier’s farm school facilities, it is envisaged that this space will eventually be made accessible to visiting local schools whose students will also benefit from the great facilities that we have at Larmenier.

For any questions about the government grant or outdoor classroom extension project, please contact Allison Cornish. allison.cornish@catholic.tas.edu.au